Monday, May 9, 2011

English recap

Since I do have some foreigner friends all over world and some of them been asking how I am doing I decided to give a short recap how my Australia trip is going.

I arrived in Melbourne 02.04 and was supposed to go stay at Amanda who I knew from Utopia almost 12-13 years ago now. Scary! Those who played Utopia with me remember her by the name kornigal. Well I year before I wrote to her that there is a chance I may come to Aussieland next spring and she was all cool about it and then I came to here. We had a little misunderstanding due to telephones at first so I stayed first 3 days at hostels in Melbourne and St Kilda beach, but then she got ahold of me and I went to her place. Amanda lives a bit away from the city central and she has 4 kids now. I stayed there for 3 weeks and mostly was entertaining the kids when I was at home or touring around Melbourne. I also had a chance to play and learn netball and aussie football. Pictures of the Melbourne can be found on Facebook.

Also I was constantly looking for a job in Melbourne, but you know Austrlians are so slow in paperwork and rarely email/call back. I had a few chats with people I met, but nothing came out of it. So then I started aiming for farm jobs to be eligible for 2nd year visa. I applied to like 20+ jobs that seemed decent in that area, but rarely got any responses again. I also met some Estonians living in Melbourne and also my very good friend Raido who has been touring around Austrlia for almost a year now. We played golf and went on a rave together as he had been missing good music.

Then one Saturday evening I got a call from a old lady offering me a farm job, but I had to be there at noon on Sunday. Fortunately there was a train that got there on Easter and I was lucky. I also got a contact with an Estonian girl heading the same way. I got to a local backpacker hostel and it was gonna be my home till I work at the farm. Every morning we go to pick apples with a bunch of Hongkong guys. Most of the hostel people are Azians (Japanese, Koreans mostly). At the moment there are only me, one Finnish and a German couple left here from Eurozone. As for the farm it is quite easy job, mindless and not hard. We are paid by the hour 18,75 AUD p/h which is quite good consdering what I have heard. So far so good. Working here till the end of May and then probably gonna head somewhere north like Cairs or so with the Germans. It is getting rather cold here: 0 degrees at night already which is spooky.

I also realized today that I need to make a tour in the Netherlands for the stroopwaffels and the two Dutchies from Utopia and Warcraft bunch Minispank, Belief, Tyraa and Peggy at least.

For Utopians (and other people who are not afraid) the infamous logs:

And a few screenshots I found on my ftp: and

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