Monday, May 2, 2011

Õunade analoogia

Olles nädal õunu korjanud tuli mul täna üks idee. Meil on teatud reeglid ja nipid, mida tuleks järgida, et vältida õnnetusi ja õunade rikkumist. Inglise keeles kõlab paremini, seega:

Our rules and tips for apple picking:

If you drop your apple from too high then it will be ruined.
Don't squeeze the apple because it may get bruised.
Don't put bruised apples in the bin because they will be returned to us and we pay for them.
Only pick one apple at a time to avoid bruising the others.
Pick only apples that are undamaged, unbruised, without a sunburn and rich in red colour.
If you can't reach the top apples adjust your ladder or forget it.
Not all red apples are red when you finally grab it.

If you try to grab two or more apples at once you may lose them all.
The biggest, reddest and tastiest apple is right under your nose. (But I am colorblind so maybe that does not apply. Or does it?)

Now change "apple" into job, car, girl/boyfriend or anything in life. Apple picking and life analogies ftw.

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